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Mighty Green is located in Fort Worth, Texas. We serve the greater North Texas region and DFW metroplex.

We specialize in both new residential (min. 8,000 sq. ft. ) and commercial properties, everything from: parks, athletic fields, and revegetating commercial job sites that have been disturbed.


What is Hydromulch? 

Hydromulch (or hydraulic mulch seeding, hydro-mulching, hydraseeding) is a planting process that uses a slurry of seed, mulch, and fertilizer. It is often used as an erosion control technique on construction sites, as an alternative to the traditional process of broadcasting or sowing dry seed.

Hydromulch Quick Facts 


The cost to have your lawn Hydromulched is less than 1/4 the cost of using sod, and in a few weeks you will have a better appearing lawn with no need to worry if the sod will take.


Hydromulching allows the custom tayloring of the proper seed for your job.  It is not uncommon to use two or even three seeds custom spraying the right seed for different areas on the lawn or job.  


With Hydromulching the new seedlings are grown on your soil.  Sod can have a problem with the type of soil it was grown on, not having sufficient compatibility with the soil it is planted on. 


A special blend of seeds will be used that will be chosen for the conditions and requirements you have.  The factors that may go into the choice may be the amount of sun, shade, the terrain, the type of soil and if you have children or pets. 






About Mighty Green Hydromulch

Mighty green is family owned and operated by Bryan Steele. We are located in Fort Worth, Texas and serve the greater North Texas region. Bryan has been operating the business and spraying every yard since 1980. You could call him a grass and Hydromulch expert. Because of Mighty Greens history and experience, we offer a competitive price and the highest quality seed to meet your needs. Whether it is a residential large residential yard or a commercial property, Mighty Green provides the experience, knowledge and quality product to ensure your satisfaction. 

Mighty Green offers a Green Grass Guarantee on most sprays, we want you to be fully satisfied with your grass; if you're not we will come and perform a reshoot. 

Mighty Green serves Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, Mansfield, Weatherford, Plano, Coppel, and nearly every area in the North Texas metroplex.

Whether you know exactly what you need or have questions about the Hydromulch process, give us a call and we would love to speak with you.

Bryan Steele

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